Got a spare room in your home?

20 Sep 2023

If you have a spare room in your apartment or house, this is an ideal suggestion for you!


In this blog post, we will talk about all the advantages of the multifunctionality of such a room in your living space. Contrary to the traditional approach where the first association with the function of a spare room would be placing a large bed that occupies a significant part of the space and thus condemns the room to a single purpose - a guest room that is only used when family or friends come to visit.

Instead of a bed, our suggestion is to have a sofa bed instead. Nowadays, various options of such sofas are available that wouldn't compromise the comfort, functionality, and aesthetic criteria of such a space. The next step would be to place suitable small tables on each side of the sofa - just as you would with bedside tables next to a King bed. They contribute to symmetry by holding decorative lamps and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the space, while also being extremely convenient for storing small items, whether the room is currently being used as a guest room or a workspace.

The next step would be to add a desk with an appropriate chair. Ideally, its positioning would be towards the center of the room or the window, definitely not facing the wall. This way, the space can be used as a home office, giving this room an everyday purpose, not only when you have guests. When choosing a desk, it's important to be aware that workspaces have moved away from the boring and rigid forms traditionally associated with office furniture. By choosing colors and materials, it's necessary to create a space that exudes peace and encourages relaxation on one hand, and provides ideal conditions for productive work from home. This effect is best achieved by using earthy tones, incorporating wood, and using a neutral color palette.


The last but not least important detail is that, ideally, this space should have a large plant that would bring an element of life into the room.

Plants in our multifunctional room not only look beautiful and enhance the overall atmosphere, but they can truly contribute to better and higher-quality sleep, mostly by improving air quality which is crucial both for relaxation and productive work from home.


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