What are the top interior design ideas for your home in 2024?

01 Jan 2024

From enduring luxury with a focus on naturality and sustainability, to nostalgic shapes from days gone by - 2024 marks the rise of hyper personalisation and subsequently designing a space is ever more about being an extension of the homeowner’s personality and individual style.

Personalisation is the ultimate luxury


Luxury interior design is nowadays rooted in customisation, be that; material finish, details and alterations, as well innovative colour pairings and decorative accessories, to create an aura of exclusivity. This form of personalisation is all about differentiating from the mass market and creating a space that speaks to the individualism of the client. 

Top interior design tip: as hardware details come into focus, look at combining contrasting materials associated with quality to create a heightened perception of premium bespoke. Unusual material pairings across hardware details and decorative accessories create a unique look with a sophisticated feel, reflecting the growing decorative trend of juxtapositions.

Lean into natural 


The connection to the beauty of the natural world has inspired and shaped interior design trends for decades. From earthy color palettes, to the warmth of wood and the unique beauty and durability of natural stones. The use of these natural elements can create a zen like space with a calming and uplifting atmosphere. 

Top interior design top: the inherent luxury of stones such as marble and onyx are taking centre stage in sculptural forms for a premium look. Choose pieces that draw on the ancestral and mystical quality of solid blocks of textural stone that exude quality and longevity.

Nostalgia meets innovation 


The retro furniture hype has brought iconic furniture pieces from the past to the forefront and flooded the Instagram and Pinterest feeds. This 60s and 70s-esque inspiration has since made way for ‘free flowing curves’ to be a key trend adopted by furniture makers. Pairing these statement pieces with innovative design elements, creates a sense of sophisticated curation - nodding to the past, but living the present. 

These trends collectively emphasize the importance of combining different styles, materials, and techniques to create unique, bespoke spaces that truly reflect the individual personality and style of the homeowner. In summary, interior design this year is all about creating a space that is highly personalized, draws inspiration from nature, and pays homage to the past while embracing modern design elements.


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