Soothing luxury
meets biophilic elements


Imagine a life where every morning you wake up in your own private villa in the sky above Belgrade Waterfront. This is what our penthouse project is about, in the heart of which we have grown a real bonsai garden.


Belgrade Waterfront


Penthouse apartment


185 m2


Novak Kijac founder and lead architect, Ana Vuković, Maria Varga


Exciting penthouse apartment in the heart of Belgrade Waterfront, a project created as a result of our dedicated team of architects who aimed to create something exceptional and unique. The duplex structure flawlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, featuring a spacious living area, a cantilevered staircase leading to an interior garden, a refined gallery with a library, luxurious bedrooms, and a large terrace with breathtaking views of the city and landscape. The apartment provides a pleasant atmosphere, harmoniously combining natural elements with urban living, making it a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment.


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