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Our client's dream of a perfect home is a space where light plays a crucial role, where colors are subtle, and functionality merges with aesthetics. This family loves muted colors, a palette of tones that make the space more open and serene. Their idea of an ideal space involves a minimalist approach to color selection with subtle accents. An open concept that allows free movement and easy communication is one of our client's essential requirements. The need to create an ideal space for family gatherings and socializing was the main motivation in organizing the living area.


Dubai, UAE


Penthouse apartment


210 m2


Novak Kijac founder and lead architect, Igor Veselinovic, Aleksandra Radulovic


We designed every corner of this penthouse with special attention to light. Spacious glass surfaces allow natural light to illuminate the rooms, creating an atmosphere that refreshes and inspires. We chose a palette of subtle colors that dominate this space. Bright tones act as a canvas on which elegant architectural elements stand out. The minimalist approach to colors creates a sense of peace and space, emphasizing the subtle beauty of every angle.
The open concept of the space is not just a trend but a way of life. The living room, dining area, and kitchen merge into one, creating a spacious, connected area. This synchronization allows fluid movement and simultaneously enhances functionality, making every moment spent in this home unique.
Every line, every surface is carefully shaped to reflect architectural harmony. A modern approach and organic forms of furniture, clean lines, and carefully chosen details emphasize the essential character of this space. Harmony between form and function creates a space that is both impressive and practical.


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